ALPR Surveillance Hardware & Software





Cintel manufactures a broad range of ALPR security and surveillance hardware technology products to fit a variety of demanding customer applications. From vehicle mobility kits, ALPR trailers, fixed pole mounted cameras, and to covert applications, we offer a full line of mobile and fixed ALPR products. Our products, with our Eversharp TechnologyTM, are available in a wide range of configurations to provide the most reliable and accurate capture performance. Cintel surveillance products are designed with the customer in mind to be easy to setup and operate under any conditions and to provide reliable performance.  




Our hosted software platform technologies are web based searchable, fusion technologies that deliver real-time data for instant alerting, situational awareness, and interactive mapping. Our software solutions allow team members conducting or managing security or surveillance operations the ability to not only view the collected data, but to work interactively and communicate through the platform with multiple agencies or locations.