Hardware Platforms


The company manufactures an industry leading product line of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras, with the patent pending Eversharp Technology TM. Cintel offers best in breed fixed and mobile ALPR camera solutions. The CLARITY (“CS”) ALPR camera is available in multiple configurations with multiple lens and IR illumination options to provide reliable capture performance anywhere in the world. Our cameras are designed to be easy to setup and operate under any conditions and to provide reliable performance.



Cintel offers a line of ALPR trailer and retrofittable trailer-kit solutions for law enforcement. The trailers are designed to conceal the ALPR cameras and are offered in radar (speed) trailer, variable message sign (VMS) trailer, or surveillance trailer configurations for any event or operation. The trailers are designed to be  

  • Easy to transport for rapid deployment

  • Offer Remote cellular communication

  • Concealed to passing motorists

  • Works with any lighting, weather or road conditions

  • Affordable for any law enforcement agency


The mobile technology needed to support today's law enforcement personnel, intelligence organizations and joint agency task forces requires considerable flexibility in both capability and deployment options. Our proprietary line of Mobile ALPR Surveillance Kits are easily transported, able to be rapidly deployed in a wide range of scenarios and have been designed to be robust and easy to operate. We offer kits for marked vehicles, unmarked and surveillance vehicles, as well as leave-behind “drop” kits for remote surveillance applications.